The artwork is fitted with strategically placed holes which are each capable of holding the weight of the work. Use these to fix the artwork to the desired location with the included mounting kit.

Please take into consideration the hanging of wires to ensure they are out of reach of others when selecting the desired location for mounting.

Connecting the Dimmer Remote

Simply take the white cord found in the sealed remote bag and connect between the transparent power lead & the transformer lead. Simple as that. Have a play around with the buttons and see what they can do, your new artwork has plenty of tricks up it’s sleeve.


This device is not planned for use by those - including children - with a lack of experience and knowledge or reduced sensory, physical or mental capabilities. Unless they have been given instruction or supervision concerning the device by a person responsible for their safety.

  • To ensure safety please only mount the device to a structure capable of supporting weight of 10kg (4.8lb) or more.
  • The device should be mounted out of the reach of children, and possibly your intoxicated mates.
  • The device is designed for indoor use only.
  • Refrain from mounting in a situation where it may be subject to any moisture or water.
  • The device should be protected from damage and defect through care and maintenance.
  • Use plug boards with overload protection as opposed to double adaptors.
  • Protect device and other equipment from damage by situating it where it not likely to be damaged or tampered with.
  • Make visual inspections of the lead, electrical equipment and artwork before use for any cracks, cuts or other damage. If these are identified, remove the device from use.
  • Remove faulty electrical items from use immediately to guarantee the item is not used unknowingly by someone else. Also plainly label these as 'out of service' or 'faulty'.
  • Discard faulty electrical equipment or alternatively have it repaired by an electrician.
  • For any other installation safety queries or qualms please see the Electrical Cord Safety Guidelines from the Consumer Product Safety Commission and the ESFI. (more can be found at